Here are some free workouts for you and your kids.

Beachbody kids workouts:

Shaun T kids

If you’ve been thinking about renewing your BOD or needing something in the meantime of getting it renewed,

Here are some no excuses, FREE WORKOUTS for you to try!

10 ROUNDS sample workout:

BARRE BLEND sample workout:

THE WORK Sample Workout:

MM100 sample workout:

MY FAVE: LIIFT4 sample workout:

The greatest way to “get” motivated is to GET into action.

Motivation comes through Movement. Once you MOVE YOUR BODY, that spark initiates and as you KEEP moving, your personal motivation grows and continues to get stronger

Wherever you are this week, mentally, emotionally, physically….Let’s get moving.

-Coach Donna Koehler


This has created opportunity for significant transformation in my life and my family and integrated it’s way into my every day life.

I started doing workouts in 2006 I was out of shape After having a full hysterectomy, being diagnosed with hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol and chronic epsteinne barre syndrome. I got fat and out of shape and  I needed to be able to keep up with my grandson Elijah.

I started working out with my husband. Since then we have completed 30 workout series.

My Grandson passed away tragically in 2010 at 3 years of age and I needed a positive focus in my life. I was devastated. This gave me a new focus on life. What an positive, incredible team of lift support and purpose. Everyone actually helps one another.

I met My mentor and became a member in 2012. I didn’t know the incredible opportunity this created for my life. Being in her group made me accountable to workout and eat clean.

I decided to pay it forward and start helping others. I learned how to fuel my body. I learned tools on how to expedite fat loss, boots your energy and metabolism, kick your sugar cravings and get your body running like a fine tune machine. I get a full a full day of nutrition.

We love All the workouts and started using the products that help us recover faster from the workouts. I have to say I am hooked on This system and have made it a lifestyle.

I loved the lifestyle and group culture so much that I decided to become a lifestyle coach and I earn income coaching.

Would you like to get fit it with me? Or would you like to learn about earning income?

Please let  me know if you are interested I will set you up with a membership. I will give you all the support you need to reach your goals.

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